Infer is proven to create lift.  Across all customers, Infer’s predictive customer scoring models have achieved significant lifts in win and conversion rates. Learn how it works.

Our customers include

Internal Data

Infer knows your customers

With native integrations to Salesforce, Eloqua and Marketo plus hundreds of signals about existing and potential customers from external sources, such as company size, job openings and social presence, Infer has the full story on your customers and prospects.

Infer knows data science

Using the same statistical techniques as Google and other consumer web pioneers, Infer builds personalized predictive models tailored to identify your best potential customers.

Machine Learned Models

Deploy Easily

Infer means business

You need to solve real business problems, not play around with data. Infer’s easy to use applications integrate seamlessly into existing workflows and keep the science in the back room.

  • "Infer is able to automatically research leads and identify MQLs. That saves our sales reps time and energy, but just as important, it gives us an objective way to measure lead quality."
    Ash Alhashim
    Director of Sales Development
  • "Setting up Infer is a breeze - just provide a seat into Salesforce and Marketo and voila you're rolling Infer's predictive solution."
    Rafael Alenda
    VP of Online and Brand Marketing
  • "Our new demand generation funnel, powered by Infer’s predictive lead scoring and integrated with Eloqua, has increased overall sales efficiency and sales lead volume."
    Gina O'Reilly
    Chief Operating Officer
  • "We love data, so it’s exciting to see Infer use powerful signals crawled from the web that we never would have discovered ourselves."
    Elissa Fink
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • "My Infer 'A' leads win 15 times more often than my 'D' leads with 10 times the average deal size. Knowing the Infer score lets me focus my reps where they can make the most difference, leaving the other leads to our online business."
    Kevin Gaither
    VP of Inside Sales
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