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Introducing Infer’s Account-Based Marketing Framework in a Predictive World

The year ahead is going to be all about mastering Account-Based Marketing (ABM). It’s time for marketers to apply the same rigor to this strategy that they have to their inbound and lead nurturing programs. ABM has the potential to open up entirely new revenue channels. That’s because it is no longer a pipe dream to identify the universe of accounts that are a good fit for your product and deliver personalization at scale – via targeting advertising, direct mail, and sales outreach.

How to use predictive analytics in Account-Based Marketing

To help execute a sound ABM strategy we put together an easy 4-stage framework that walks you through how to:

(1) Build a targeted account list

(2) Add net-new contacts and accounts

(3) Map your ABM tactics

(4) Measure Success

Predictive ABM tactics drive higher conversion rates and larger average deal size, but in order to capitalize on this opportunity, you’ll want to advance your skills around market planning, profile management, and measuring campaign efficacy. From leveraging predictive account scoring to better align effort with impact, to conducting advanced segmentation across firmographic, technographic and behavioral signals, to implementing new personalization technologies that move accounts forward in your customer journey – predictive can help you supercharge your Account-Based Marketing strategy every step of the way.

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Sean Zinsmeister

Sean Zinsmeister

VP of Product Marketing at Infer

Sean crafts the positioning, messaging and overall go-to-market strategy for Infer’s trove of next-generation predictive sales & marketing products. Once a satisfied Infer customer himself, Sean joined Infer from Nitro, where he developed and led an award-winning global marketing team.