"Infer is like our private Google engine - it considers thousands of signals across the web and creates this custom index that is bent to the needs of AdRoll's business." Suresh Khanna, Chief Revenue Officer

A Fortune Teller for Sales

Retargeting and Display Advertising  |  San Francisco, CA  |  <500 Employees

To maintain its amazing growth trajectory and stay one step ahead of the competition, AdRoll has instilled a culture of data-driven decision making. Infer helps the company scan thousands of signals from across the web so that it can identify which potential customers are most likely to convert. AdRoll has one set of leads that converts at 4x the baseline, and one set that will never convert – and Infer helps tell the difference between the two. As the company’s sales reps consider who to call out to, Infer ensures they focus where they’ve got the best shot at winning.