"After seeing success with Infer at my last company, I wanted to see how their data-based predictive scoring would work at AppDynamics. Thanks to Infer, we learned where to focus marketing efforts to get the most return." Niel Hildebrand III , Director of Marketing Operations & Analytics

Predictive Allows AppDynamics to Focus on Best Fit

Application Intelligence  |  San Francisco, CA  |  <500 Employees

AppDynamics’ Application Intelligence Platform was built from the ground up to enable its customers to operate effectively in today’s ever-changing environments. But with these complex businesses comes a wide range of customers, and AppDynamics needed a better way to figure out which ones would fit their platform.

With Infer, AppDynamics’ sales team was able to hone in on the prospects that were much more likely to convert. By scoring leads with Infer, they’re able to automatically identify these customers faster and with more precision than ever before.