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Decreased 40% of
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Increased engagement
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Infer has made our marketing and sales machine much more efficient by allowing us to immediately start identifying high value leads and accounts. This has enabled a change right at the top of the funnel, and we are getting more efficient every day.
Adam von Reyn

Adam von ReynVP of Growth Marketing, InsightSquared


Location: Boston, MA

Infer Customer Since: 2014

Company Size: >200 employees

Systems: Engagio, Salesforce, Marketo, Influitive, Seismic, LeanData, Optimizely, Terminus,Triblio

Infer Products:Predictive Scoring [lead and accounts]


Infer Predictive Scoring for InsightSquared

InsightSquared is a sales performance analytics solution that quickly delivers pre-built reports on every major sales metric.

As a fast-growing tech company and one with a lean-startup mentality, InsightSquared often utilizes in-house resources to build its own solutions. As the company grew, they needed a way to efficiently prioritize their booming lead flow so reps could focus their attention and effort on the leads with the most potential.

Looking forward, the marketing team also knew that they as they gained a deeper understanding of the types of companies that were a best fit for their services, they wanted to transition from a leads-based approach to an accounts-based workflow. When it came to using predictive to solve these challenges, the marketing team first tried to build a few solutions of their own. However, it was quickly apparent that in order to get the results they desired they would need to go to the experts.


After implementing Infer Predictive Scoring, the business development team was able to quickly identify and suppress a significant portion of their lead flow that was low value, immediately driving efficiency. By filtering out low-scoring leads, which made up 40% of the lead mix, the BDR team gained more time to work high-value leads -- which convert three times as often as the rest.

Infer Predictive Scoring for InsightSquared

And, as InsightSquared shifts to an account-based model targeting a large universe of accounts at scale, the company also uses Infer predictive account scores to identify and prioritize those with the highest potential of converting into opportunities and deals.

Infer Fit Score for InsightSquared

Infer’s fit-based predictive scores also give the marketing team an early indication as to how well their campaigns are performing in real-time. Rather than waiting months for the full sales and marketing cycle to play out, they can now forecast pipeline generation at any time, evaluate campaign performance on an ongoing basis, and make program and budget adjustments as needed.


  • Predictive models have made the InsightSquared marketing and sales machine much more efficient and aligned by enabling them to identify high value leads and accounts.
  • Through better lead prioritization, marketing found that the top 14% of their leads generated almost 80% of bookings.
  • With this insight, they were able to suppress 40% of lead volume -- that represented less than 2% of bookings -- passed to inside sales without impacting marketing-attributed bookings value.
  • Predictive scoring lets InsightSquared understand the quality of each campaign so they can rapidly test and invest in new sources of pipeline and deliver the highest quality leads to sales.
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