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Mindflash Uses Infer to Predict Loyal Customers

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Mindflash is a cloud-based learning platform for employee and customer training. Like many subscription-based (or SaaS) companies, its business centers around a free trial model. As its number of sign-ups has grown, the company has had to figure out how to filter through the noise and work smarter.

Mindflash’s Sales & Marketing Challenges

  • Lots of Volume: Lean startup sales team fielding thousands of free trial sign ups a month
  • Wasted Effort: Too much sales and support effort was spent on the wrong customers
  • Gut-Feel Approach: Failed to determine which leads were a good fit
  • Lagging Indicators: Trial usage took months to measure, and was a misleading indicator
  • Revenue Targets: Needed to identify higher monthly and annual revenue prospects

Enter Predictive Scoring

Mindflash turned to Infer’s predictive lead scoring solution, and in just two weeks they began to benefit from the instant, data-driven identification of its best leads. With the power of Infer’s signals and predictions, Mindflash was able to clearly define its ideal customers, and the business soon began leveraging Infer Scores to drive sales, marketing, customer support and product decision-making.

Within four days of turning on Infer, it was obvious that its predictive approach would revolutionize our sales operations by letting us accurately prioritize every single lead.

Jason MacMurry – Mindflash, VP of Sales and Operations

Prioritizing Incoming Leads

  • Faster Contact. By filtering down their focus to only A-Leads, Mindflash reps make contact with the best new trial customers faster and get a jump on the competition.
  • Better Perseverance. Even if a customer isn’t ready to try or buy the product right away, sales reps know which leads are worth cultivating over time.
  • Fewer Missed Opportunities. Mindflash’s marketing team can pinpoint hot prospects even if they never start a free trial (i.e. from events or white paper downloads).

Optimizing Marketing Tactics

  • Rapid Marketing Decisions. By making adjustments on the fly and quickly eliminating campaigns that fail to deliver A-Leads, Mindflash frees up marketing funds for better tactics.
  • Targeted Messaging. Mindflash cut email volumes in half by segmenting its marketing email lists by Infer Scores.
  • Better Website Optimization. Mindflash runs frequent A/B tests to compare the effectiveness of different content and/or design and can now hone in on techniques that increase the number of A-Lead scored trial leads.
  • Highly Effective List Investments. Mindflash is transforming the impact of list buys by measuring vendors according to the percentage of A-Leads they deliver and even adds a 48-hour out clause to contracts so the team can run lists through Infer.
Net Promoter Score

“At Mindflash 90% of our promoters come from our Infer A-Leads”

Randhir Vieira, Mindflash, VP of Products and Marketing

Fueling Customer Success

  • Insightful Evangelist Targeting. The company reduces customer churn by doubling down on A-scoring customers. It has found that these customers have the highest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) because the product meets their needs.
  • Calibrating Support Response. By monitoring Infer Scores Mindflash is able to go above and beyond for its most valuable customers.
  • Strategic Product Planning. Mindflash has even shaped its product roadmap based upon Infer signals. For example, the predictive model found that most of their good customers shared a common technology vendor. Therefore the company plans to invest more in integrating that application.

Since bringing in Infer, our whole business has pivoted around predictive lead scoring. Rather than spreading our resources thin, we assess every interaction based on its impact to our Infer A-Leads and focus on the relationships that add the most value.

Randhir Vieira, Mindflash, VP of Products and Marketing

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