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Predictive Scoring Increases Nitro’s Conversions by 7x

Document Productivity & Collaboration  |  San Francisco, CA  |  <500 Employees

Nitro, a digital document platform, provides free product trials for both consumers and enterprises. Instead of its sales and marketing team working through a cone shaped customer funnel, Nitro’s looked more like a martini glass. Infer took the company’s trial leads, scored them, and relayed which should be pushed to the Nitro sales team.

Suddenly, the company was able to see which prospects were great and which were simply not a fit for its product. As a result, the volume of qualified leads sent to sales increased by 3x, and Nitro’s highest-scored leads converted 7.4x better than its average conversion rate. Additionally, Nitro uses Infer to optimize its AdWords customer acquisition spending based on the quality of leads yielded by various keywords.


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Lu Zhang