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Connor Fee
“At UserVoice, we want to maximize our resources and provide sales reps with the tools they need to be successful. Infer is the brains of our sales and marketing stack, and empowers us with actionable insights that help us identify and convert more customers faster. With Infer's easy-to-use predictive intelligence, we've increased sales efficiencies while doubling our conversion rates.”

Connor FeeConnor FeeCOO, UserVoice


Location: San Francisco, CA

Infer Customer Since: 2014

Company Size: 51-100 employees

Systems: Pardot, Salesforce

Infer Products: Predictive Scoring [Leads Fit & Behavior Models] and Profile Management


UserVoice is a product management platform that helps businesses collect customer feedback to create a more data-driven product roadmap. The company organically generates a high volume of inbound leads -- over 5,000 a quarter -- through the free trial offer on its website.

UserVoice’s lean team of sales reps had no good way to differentiate best-fit prospects from the tire-kickers, so they relied on someone raising their handt when it came to prioritizing who they should target. This approach left them overwhelmed and unable to follow up with the vast majority of leads, resulting in missed opportunities for valuable revenue dollars.

As a business that helps its customers use data to inform the decision-making process, UserVoice knew it needed a solution that would extend this data-driven culture to its sales and marketing stack. The company wanted to more efficiently prioritize its lead flow so reps could focus their effort on those prospects with the most revenue potential. Additionally, both the sales and marketing teams wanted more transparency into what attributes defined an ideal customer profile so they could personalize and prioritize high-value outreach to these buyers.


UserVoice first adopted a fit-based Infer Predictive Scoring model to identify and prioritize leads based on how likely they are to purchase the company's product management software. Armed with new predictive insights, the sales team is now able to cut through the noise and hyperfocus its energy on following up with the leads that have the highest potential of converting into opportunities and deals.

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UserVoice's marketing team also leverages Infer Scores to evaluate the quality of the leads they generate through events and outbound campaigns. Without having to wait for a full sales cycle to play out, they're able to direct and optimize marketing spend towards the programs that deliver the best-fit leads for their product. In addition, the company recently adopted an Infer behavior model, which analyzes the full spectrum of marketing activity signals in Pardot to identify highly engaged leads. By looking across both a prospect's fit prediction as well as their likelihood to buy in the next three weeks, UserVoice has refined its criteria for marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

Behavior Score

The company also uses Infer Profile Management to look across all the attributes of its current and future customers -- such as what types of UserVoice emails they've opened, or whether their company sells to businesses or consumers -- to slice and dice their full prospect universe into easy to describe, easy to target customer profiles.

These signals and insights enable the marketing team to build more personalized campaigns.


Connor Fee
“We chose Infer for their deep expertise in implementing many different predictive sales and marketing uses cases. Their team's proactive commitment to our success has not only made them a pleasure to do business with, but it's been instrumental in helping us to achieve our goals. I can't imagine a world in which we don't have Infer.”

Connor FeeConnor FeeCOO, UserVoice

Infer Predictive Scoring helped UserVoice increase sales efficiencies and alignment by identifying its best leads and accounts.

After learning that the top 30% of leads generated over 90% of bookings, the company implemented filtering and prioritization that led to a 2x increase in conversion rates.

Infer Profile Management provided a comprehensive, at-a-glance view of UserVoice's prospects, enabling more targeted and high-value outreach at scale.

The marketing team gained real-time performance measurement capabilities, which allow them to rapidly test and invest in the campaigns and events that deliver the highest quality leads.

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