"95% of opportunities are identified by Infer’s lead scoring model." Stephan Blendstrup, Global Sales Operations

Zendesk Infuses Sales with Predictive Scoring

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Over 30,000 companies use Zendesk to deliver great customer service to over 200 million people. Zendesk’s innovative solutions have driven rapid growth – something the company thinks about in terms of 10x.

With Infer’s predictive scoring, Zendesk is turning its innovation inward and inventing new ways to manage high-volume sales and marketing programs, and scale operations at a low cost. Infer helps the company optimize its hybrid enterprise and self-service sales models by analyzing each lead’s fit for the Zendesk product, as well as its free trial usage in order to identify which select leads should be assigned to sales reps.

“Life before Infer was going back to the Stone Age.”

Bill Macaitis, Chief Marketing Officer

Infer supercharged Zendesk’s revenue by taking the guesswork out of determining lead quality. The vast majority of its closed/won opportunities are identified by Infer’s predictive model, helping the sales team sharpen its focus and increase productivity by 70%.

“We now have full confidence that the leads we’re getting are the leads we should spend time on. We can focus all of our energy on providing a better sales experience and marketing can focus on better hyper-targeting of our leads.”

Jim Cyb, VP of Sales

In the words of Zendesk’s CMO, Infer has become a “core piece of technology” to Zendesk.