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Stephan Blendstrup
“What I love about Infer is that it supercharges our revenue.”

Stephan BlendstrupStephan BlendstrupSenior Director, GTM Strategy


Location: San Francisco, CA

Infer Customer Since: 2012

Company Size: 1001-5000 employees

Systems: Salesforce, Pardot, Eloqua

Infer Products: Infer Predictive Scoring [Fit and Behavior Models], Profile Management, Account-Based Scoring


Zendesk provides a customer service platform designed to bring organizations and their customers closer together. The company’s award-winning solutions and innovative marketing have driven rapid growth since its founding in 2007. Zendesk is now a publicly traded company, serving 60,000 customers in twelve countries and employing over 1,300 people.

To aggressively drive user acquisition and growth, the company launched a free trial. Zendesk was soon flooded with thousands of people signing up for product trials every day, and needed a new scalable, low-cost way to manage its high-volume sales and marketing programs.



Zendesk implemented Infer’s Predictive Scoring and Profile Management Platform to quickly identify which of its inbound leads to prioritize and target during their free trial period. Infer looks at all of the company’s historical customer data in Salesforce.com and Pardot to see what types of companies purchase its software. It then pulls in thousands of external signals about each lead as soon as they submit their email address (i.e. accuracy of contact details, the target company's web and social media presence, industry, firmographics, job postings, etc.), in order to instantly determine how closely each new trial user matches Zendesk’s ideal customer profile, and ensuring only the best-fit prospects are fed directly into the company’s CRM system.

Leveraging this new predictive-driven strategy, the company rallied around a new, objective MQL definition and sales prioritization workflow in which only the highest scored leads are sent to reps for immediate follow up. Zendesk still takes a “wait and see” approach with leads that receive a lower fit score, observing their product activity and constantly re-scoring with Infer. These leads are later assigned a sales rep if they show certain levels of engagement.


Stephan Blendstrup
“Infer allows us to scale our operations at a really low cost by reducing the number of sales reps we need. We now have full confidence that the leads we’re getting are the leads we should spend time on.”

Stephan BlendstrupStephan BlendstrupSenior Director, GTM Strategy

Zendesk increased overall revenue by prioritizing leads that are most likely to convert to customers.

The company increased sales productivity by 70% and efficiently scaled its sales team by taking the guesswork out of determining lead quality.

Zendesk reduced the amount of time its takes to qualify and make contact with good-fit prospects, enabling sales reps to follow up more quickly with ‘hot’ leads.

By accurately predicting 95% of deals that come in through Zendesk trials, they eliminated wasted time and built rep confidence in the new approach.

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