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Thousands of sales and marketing software vendors promise the world, but Infer actually delivers.
Kevin Gaither

Kevin GaitherVP of Inside Sales, ZipRecruiter


Location: Santa Monica, California

Infer Customer Since: 2013

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Systems: Salesforce, Oracle Eloqua

Infer Products:Infer Predictive Scoring [Leads Fit Models]


ZipRecruiter was started by four founders around a kitchen table and it quickly grew beyond their wildest imaginations. Now used by over 850,000 businesses, the site allows anyone to post jobs to 100+ job boards with a single click.

As ZipRecruiter’s paid subscriber count surged, the founders saw an opportunity to go beyond self-service transactions and supercharge growth with an inside sales team. However, once the team was in place, a new challenge arose: prioritizing among a stream of thousands of incoming leads.


ZipRecruiter signed on with Infer and began identifying which leads accounted for the bulk of its revenue. By comparing its sales efforts (e.g., phone calls and emails logged) against sales results (e.g., converted leads and revenue), ZipRecruiter quickly recognized the value of shifting the team’s focus to the most promising leads.

Nearly one-third of sales’ time was being spent on lower quality Infer C and D-Leads, and yet those segments accounted for less than 5% of ZipRecruiter’s overall revenue. After Infer’s predictive lead scoring went live and was exposed to reps, ZipRecruiter saw an instant change in behavior. Within the first 60 days, time spent working bad leads dropped by 19% without any corresponding loss in revenue – a clear step toward positive ROI. To calculate the cost savings from not working bad leads, ZipRecruiter estimated the fully-loaded cost of its inside sales team and multiplied that by the time saved.

ZipRecruiter drove up its ROI even further by re-allocating sales effort to drive impressive top-line results. Reps began to double down on those leads that were the best fit for the company’s product, and stuck with their Infer A and B-Leads much longer than before. The impact of predictive lead scoring was especially pronounced amongst ZipRecruiter’s Infer B-Leads, where average deal-size increased 71% and monthly bookings grew 154%.



It took two weeks to get started and less than a month for Infer to pay for itself. Infer has delivered amazing results for us, such as tripling our average deal size and quadrupling our lead conversion rate.
Kevin Gaither

Kevin GaitherVP of Inside Sales, ZipRecruiter

  • ZipRecruiter immediately increased overall revenue by prioritizing leads based on data and following up more aggressively with the best-fit customers.
  • By focusing sales’ focus on the highest value leads, the company was able to align effort to impact, increase productivity, and decrease the time spent working bad leads by almost 20%.
  • The company successfully established data-driven workflows, streamlining how leads are prioritized and infusing that predictive insight into day-to-day work.
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