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Dreamforce #df13 #infer

SaaSy drops by the Infer Booth to pick of some shoes. We're still trying to track down a pair of custom Nike's in 33.5 ;-)Find Infer - Booth #2312Infer's BoothWelcome to DreamforceSt. Lucia in the Bubble TentJim Cramer filming Mad Money
Salesforce MVPsDreamforce MadnessThe Professor Holding Court ;-)Sync Frog Drops ByKraig and Narinder at the Dropbox Party -- Love the Shirt Narinder!Dreamforce Hackathon
Salesforce Live featuring Adam GrossSales Cloud Keynote featuring Hillary and HermanMillerNot only do we have quotes, but we've got real customers! Box was one of our very first. Jim has been a terrific champion.Salesforce 1 Pardot -- Great Demo by Adam BlitzerScott Dorsey giving the Marketing Cloud Keynote -- The Internet of Customers

Dreamforce #df13, a set on Flickr.

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Jamie Grenney

VP of Marketing at Infer • formerly VP of Marketing at Salesforce • live in San Francisco • grew up in St. Louis and Colorado