Infer is Hiring · Director of Demand Generation

Primary Responsibilities

Infer is looking for an online marketer to own media planning and buying, campaign management, website analytics and infrastructure, SEO, and marketing automation. It is an exciting role because of its breadth and potential impact. We’re off to a good start at Infer, but an experienced online marketer is key to reaching tens of thousands of companies and fueling our next stage of growth.

In this role there will also be opportunities to develop thought leadership. We’ve seen some exciting examples of customers using the Infer Score to create a common decision framework across channels. They’re optimizing spend based on “good customer” vs. clicks or conversion. Infer has attracted some of the fastest growing companies on the planet and we’re forming a community of innovative, data driven marketers. We want to hire someone who is going to be at the heart of this community.

Professional Experience / Required Skills

  • 6+ years experience in online marketing for a high tech company
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Data driven, innovative, and an expert on marketing technologies
  • Proven track record of managing advertising platforms, analytics, and automation
  • Strong understanding of demand generation funnels and KPIs
  • Self-starter capable of working autonomously and collaboratively
  • Strong written communication skills (blogging) is a big plus
  • Ability to engage with customers and promote the community is also a big plus




About Infer

Infer is revolutionizing B2B sales and marketing by helping companies predict which prospects will go on to become great customers. We’ve seen incredible growth and are signing up best-of-breed customers like AdRoll, Box, New Relic, Tableau, Zendesk and many others. Our goal is to create predictive apps that drives significant business value, and scale them to thousands of B2B companies. While we’re known for lead scoring that actually works; our customers are applying Infer’s unique insights to all kinds of sales and marketing programs including SEM, Nurture, Events, Segmentation, and SLAs. We’re convinced that this category will be as big as marketing automation. The ease of implementation, the time-to-value, and the fact that we have statistical models to prove ROI, make it a home run initiative. Those companies who are first to adopt this exciting new technology have an unfair competitive advantage over those who don’t.

Want To Learn More

If you’re interested in this opportunity, here are some additional resources to dig into. During the interview process we want your feedback on what we’re doing well and where you’d prioritize your energy over the first 90 days. If you can we’d also love to see samples of your work. In many cases it’s hard to show off what’s behind the curtain, but if you have best practice presentations, blog posts, or a sample campaign; that stuff is very helpful.

To apply for this job, please send a link to your LinkedIn profile and a couple samples of your work to jgrenney [at] infer [dot] com.

Jamie Grenney

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VP of Marketing at Infer • formerly VP of Marketing at Salesforce • live in San Francisco • grew up in St. Louis and Colorado