How it Works

Start with existing data

Start with your existing data

You already have some information about your Leads inside Salesforce, though often not much more than what they filled out on your website forms.

Attribute mining

Add thousands of attributes mined from the web

Infer uncovers thousands of signals such as employee count, job openings, web presence, social presence, technology vendors, patents, trademarks and more. So with nothing more than an email address or a company name, Infer can create an extremely rich profile for each Lead.

Proven data science

Apply proven data science to predict winners

For every new prospect, Infer calculates a score, so that you can see which leads are most likely to convert or have the biggest revenue impact. This is done using advanced machine learning to statistically compare new leads with their enriched profiles, to historical winners and losers captured in Salesforce.

Leverage CRM scores

Leverage predictive models in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo, Eloqua and more.

Infer pushes its predictive score directly into existing systems, making it simple to combine advanced customer intelligence with the automation and reporting tools you use today.

Amplify your sales and marketing effectiveness in days, not months.