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Infer's Profile Builder combines all your existing data with thousands
of external signals to segment and target your ideal customer profiles.

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Connect Your Data

Connect Your Data

Easily connect all of your data from CRM & Marketing Automation systems using Infer’s pre-built connectors, including:

  • Salesforce
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • Google Analytics
  • Predicitive Models

Add External Signals

Access Infer’s library of thousands of external signals from the web and proprietary data sources including:

  • Technographics
  • Behind the Firewall Technologies
  • Firmographics
  • Website Activity
  • Social Media
  • Normalized Job Titles

... and more.

Add External Signals
Define Segments

Define Segments

Profiles can be built in seconds, calculating pipeline metrics on the fly such as Win Rate, Opp Rate, and Average Deal Size to understand the true value of your segment. Benefits include:

  • Increased personalization & precision
  • Clarity for campaign planning & benchmarking
  • Focused GTM efforts on the highest revenue opportunities

Target Profile

Operationalize Profiles in Sales & Marketing workflows by publishing Profile tags directly into CRM and marketing tools:

  • Launch targeted B2B display advertising campaigns
  • Build highly personalized Sales Development sequences
  • Set tasks and alerts for sales follow-up for key profiles
  • Trigger campaign flows in Marketing automation
  • Use external signals to build profiles around where to go next
Target Profile

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