Introducing Similar Won Accounts for Infer Glance Sales Intelligence

Similar Won Accounts is the newest enhancement to the Infer Glance Sales Intelligence suite of products. With Glance Similar Won Accounts, sales and marketing users can gain immediately insights when researching prospects. This new feature analyzes closed won historical data from a customer’s CRM, and instantly identifies which current customers are most similar to the company being researched by the user. This information can then be used to deliver highly personalized and relevant messaging to prospects while also reducing the amount of time required for reps to craft their outreach. All of these benefits come together to ensure increased rep productivity, higher prospect engagement rates, and greater opportunity pipeline.

Infer Glance Sales Intelligence now includes Similar Won Account data to enable reps to make informed prospecting decisions

The Glance “Similar Won Accounts” feature bases its findings on the following criteria:

  • Competitors – Find current customers who are direct competitors to that prospect
  • Industry – Identify current customers in the same industry as the prospect
  • Revenue – Compare each prospect to current customers with similar annual revenue figures
  • Geography – Establish credibility with each prospect by referencing current customers headquartered in the same city
Similar Won Accounts provides analysis in four areas of similarity: Competitors, Industry, Revenue, and Geography


If you are interested in learning more about the new Glance Similar Won Account offering, please contact

Platform Updates: New Infer Portal Interface and Behavior Model Support for Infer Glance

Predictive Marketing Platform Updates August 2016

We’re excited to share all of our newest product features and updates for our October 2016 release in greater detail below:

New Infer Platform Interface

The new Infer Platform Interface is now live at for all current customers. In order to better streamline the user experience across all of our products, our core offerings are now available together under a single unified experience, including Profile Management, Behavior / Fit Models, and Predictive Lead Generation (Net-New). We’ve also enhanced many of these products by providing additional data and insights in the solution, such as: